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What? am I doing?

a little too much.

lake with dock and canoe woman on chair

Catherine at the lake.

I have two writing projects going right now.

  1. The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide to Dissillusionment
  2. The Paradox Principle

The first the second post-cataclysmic cyber-hippie story in the Wakeful Wanderer's Guide Series. I'm making slow progress on this one as the story, already complex has become even moreso. I'm up to chapter 12. There will probably be 40. You can get a peak at my progress by becoming a $5 subscriber at Patreon.

The second is what started as a short story and has turned into something more. I'm told that it will likely be a novellette. This is determined by word count. It's about a stranded space crew using a form of intersteller travel that I thought up myself. The problem? Paradoxes, naturally. You can read the work in progress also at Patreon at the $1 level.

I'm also working on some songs. These are also at Patreon, some open to the public.

I'm gearing up to create a professional audiobook for The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide vol. 1 read by me by cutting podcast episodes where I talk about the creative process and read a chapter at the end. I may not be able to do justice to a professional sounding audiobook, in which case, I hope to be able to hire Walter Dixon to do it right.

  • I'm being a good dad.
  • I'm being a decent husband.
  • I'm making pizza every sunday night for my daughters.
  • I'm going on vacation soon to a beautiful lake in Maine (pictured)
  • I'm teaching meditation at YesWare in Boston, sometimes twice a week, sometimes less.
  • I'm running a business called Slabmedia
  • I'm creating "now" pages as inspired by Derek Sivers:

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